Halima´s story from Tunisia

Mrs. Halima (from Tunisia) was born in 1944. She is 76 years old and suffers from chronic diseases type 2 insulin dependent diabetes, Hypertension.

MRS Halima also had diabetic neuropathy which causes burning, sharps and aching pain on her feet. The diabetic neuropathy ‘s treatment costs 37.5 dinars for 14 tablets. It covers only 14 days . It’s very expensive.

Mrs Halima has had severe multiple foot infection. She was first operated in a private clinic and a second time in a state hospital. Following the operation, she spent six months recovering using wheelchairs.

Mrs Halima was given her late husband’s state retirement pension following his death. The retirement pension was very low, ranging from 120 and 130 dinars. And presently, after the augmentation she gets 180 dinars. Her children, who also live in rentals, and who are day workers support her financially, they help her pay the rent (200 dinars) and pay her bills. She lives by herself, and she had few diabetes attacks while being alone. Before her foot ulcers and infections, Mrs Halima was active.

She used to earn money through a small artisanal business. She made hand-rolled couscous (a traditional dried couscous) that she sells. She saved money, could afford buying fresh fruits, vegetables and pay her monthly rent. Supporting all her basic needs.