GreenBuilding in Tunisia reduces the cost of hot water at a university hospital in Manouba


At the Mohamed Kassab Orthopaedic Institute, the Tunisian university hospital being renovated through GreenBuilding project, 8 solar water heaters were installed in February 2023. The energy sub-meters have been also placed to monitor the energy flows.

The use of solar collectors for domestic hot water production generates a 70% diminution in the required energy consumption for the domestic hot water. In the hospital building, the production of hot water was provided exclusively by electric cumulus units with a unit power of 2,2 KW and a capacity of 150 litres. During February 2023, 8 solar heaters were installed in the Kassab Orthopedic institute. The heaters have the total area of (2 x 2002 mm x 1050 mm = 4.2 m2) with an overall volume of 300 litres. This installation is crucial in order to ensure hot water supply for building users with a cost-effective way. 

During the several site visits of the managers, only a few non-communicating division meters at the level of the electrical installations and no sub-metering for thermal energy were found. After several months of hard work and efforts, the energy sub-meters are well installed and connected to the monitoring dashboard to facilitate the monitoring of energy flows.

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