GreenBuilding suggests 8 ways to reduce energy consumption in your office by making better use of the heating and cooling devices!


Worried about how to reduce energy consumption in your office building?  GreenBuilding team is here to support you! A list of 8 tips for heating and cooling the office could give you the solutions you are looking for!

  • Tip 1 - Dress for the season

You will be surprised from this tip but wear lighter clothes in summer and warmer clothes in winter, and wear layers so you can dress up and down accordingly. This will also increase your performance at work! 

  • Tip 2 - Control the temperature 

Controlling the room temperature is crucial to saving money on your energy bill. 
          -    Cool your office to 25ºC in summer 
          -    Heat your office to 20ºC in winter 

  • Tip 3 - Keep doors and windows closed when heating your office

In this way heat doesn’t escape, but open doors and windows when it is warm to minimise air conditioning.

  • Tip 4 - Repair any damage 

Holes and gaps around walls, windows, doors, and skylights should be fixed to prevent heat escape. 

  • Tip 5 - Use an energy management system 

This will indicate you the optimal times for your air conditioner.

  • Tip 6 - Perform an annual maintenance on the units

Annual preventative maintenance will ensure that your system runs as efficiently as possible.

  • Tip 7 - Change or clean the filters of the units regularly. 

The more you use the units, the more air and particles and being through the system. Change or clean your units’ filters every month during peak cooling or heating seasons.

  • Tip 8 - Use fans instead of air conditioning.

By using the fan alone to provide cool air and ventilation, more power and energy is saved by the unit.

Stay tuned because more tips will be soon released!