GreenBuilding suggests 5 ways to reduce energy consumption in your office just by using lighting efficiently!


Are you wondering what to do to reduce energy consumption in your office building?

GreenBuilding team is here to support you! Take note of the following tips and you will measure significant savings both in your energy consumption and your bills.

  • Tip 1 - Use energy efficient light bulbs 

Reduce or replace inefficient, outdated, or excessive lighting within your building. Moreover, LEDs use 90% less energy than standard lightbulbs and they last significantly longer.

  • Tip 2 - Turn off lights when not needed

Turning off fluorescent lights saves energy, extends overall lamp life, and reduces replacement costs. Please also note that turning lights on and off uses more electricity than leaving the lights on.

  • Tip 3 - Ensure adequate light level and work with the natural daylight 

Turn off electric lighting when adequate sunlight is available. Enjoying the daylight will also increase your productivity!

  • Tip 4 - Install lighting occupancy sensors that automatically turn lights on or off

Especially when a room is not occupied continuously, this option is effective.

  • Tip 5 - Use focused lighting

If you don’t need to light the whole room, just light the area you’re working at!

Stay tuned because more tips will be soon released!