GreenBuilding: the Peloponnese region started the procedures for static reinforcement, modernization and upgrade of Nemea’s Health center in Greece


Nemea’s Health Center is located in the city of Nemea and consists of 1220 m2 and is a decentralized primary care unit of the General Hospital of Corinth, with 7 beds. The region of Peloponnese is committed in improving the energy efficiency of public buildings. Therefore, it decided to upgrade the provided Primary Health Care services in the Administrative District of the Municipality of Nemea. 

According to a study that recently integrated, needs have been indentified, including:
•    Moisture treatment
•    Replacement of old exterior windows with new aluminum glazing
•    Heating Network repair
•    Treatment of reinforcement oxidation and concrete disintegration
•    Coating floors with materials suitable for hospital use

The main purpose of the project is to meet the health needs of citizens and especially of vulnerable social groups in order to avoid the inconvenience and burden of higher-level hospital structures and to have direct access to a health structure that canface emergencies as well as follow-up of chronic patients.

As part of the efforts taking place in the Peloponnese Region, work is expected to upgrade hospital facilities by using new forms of energy for the efficiency of buildings and the mitigation of waste energy. It was finally deemed necessary to create conditions for the provision of additional services in order to improve the level of health of citizens, including outpatient care such as rehabilitation, palliative care and home care. Since GreenBuilding has been the impetus for the launch of the Region’s buildings upgrades, similar projects are expected to be included in the planning of the Region of Peloponnese.