GreenBuilding in Jordan organizes a workshop on Green Energy

The Jordan University of Science and Technology, partner of GreenBuilding project, organizes a workshop on green energy: challenges and opportunities. The thematic workshop will focus on technical aspects of energy efficiency in buildings, the use of renewable energy sources for the energy renovations of public buildings, and funding opportunities to ensure the know-how transfer between energy stakeholders.

The workshop will take place in Irbid, Sidra Hotel, University Street, Jordan, on the 13th of July 2022 and starts at 10.30 a.m. local time.

This workshop will be an opportunity to present the energy renovation procedures for buildings,  the opportunities and restrictions when improving the energy performance of a building, and to raise awareness and inform participants about financing mechanisms, national and international, for energy efficiency projects in the buildings.

Join us if you are interested in these topics!

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