GreenBuilding in Jordan organized its first workshop on Green Energy!


Jordan like many other Mediterranean countries needs to reduce energy consumption and adverse environmental impacts due to the high dependence on fossil fuels. GreenBuilding project intends to tackle this challenge by promoting the use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency measures in public buildings since renewable energies represent a natural competitive advantage for the Mediterranean. The project will support 3 cost-effective public buildings energy refurbishment in Greece, Tunisia and Jordan. Furthermore, it will strengthen the capacities of public institutions to effectively plan and implement sustainable energy policies, through the identification of cost-effective energy refurbishment approaches, transfer of technical know-how and  the enhancement of higher research institutions and business support organizations.

In the case of Jordan, the Greater Irbid municipality is targeted to be the pilot site in this case. It is expected to use the updated infrastructure and equipment to use solar energy instead of traditional energy resource. 

SMEs and academia were presented in this workshop. The workshop got 2 hours duration and was successfully concluded on September 30th, 2021.