GreenBuilding in Jordan installed the window shades to prevent energy loss


The Greater Irbid Municipality, GreenBuilding Jordanian partner, is completing the activities and works for the renovation of the municipality building.

The municipality has previously worked to replace all lighting units inside the building with energy-saving LEDs, and has also replaced all air conditioners with inverter, in addition to installing motion sensors between lighting units and air conditioners, installing solar water heaters and air locks. 

At the building’s main entrances, additional installation of umbrellas consistent that are in line with the design of the architectural facades of the building and installation of Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) to save energy inside the building, as well as solar cells to be completed and maintenance of the building’s windows to prevent energy loss. 

Engineer Reham Al-Jammal, the director of the external relations and international programs unit at the municipality and GreenBuilding project manager, highlighted that the employees are trained to properly deal with the renovated building. 

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