GreenBuilding focuses on how to design and implement measures to increase awareness and change behaviour among building users!


On 7th July 2021, the GreenBuilding project team met with Ms. Leila BEN GACEM and Ms. Wiem BEN MUSTAPHA POUSSE, representatives of the FNCT (National Federation of Tunisian Communes) and SOLE, another ENI CBC MED project as they  shares the same topic of improving energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy .

The meeting was enhanced by sharing  best project implementation practices and lessons learnt  during the first phase of GreenBuilding project, initial survey and building energy consumption practices. The main shared experiences was about the pre-pilot actions carried in the GreenBuilding project, namely the energy audit of the pilot building and the survey of identification of the energy refurbishment requirements. These activities showed that the main source of energy consumption in the Tunisian public buildings are the lighting and the HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning), which imposes the obligation of handling those sectors. 

Furthermore, the event was an opportunity to focus on the Tunisian laws and specifications regarding the public buildings energy refurbishment and rehabilitation using the renewable energy sources and energy efficiency measures. 

GreenBuilding representatives participated to the 3rd SOLE online technical seminar and presented the first result of the project (energy audit of the pilot building, survey of identification of the energy refurbishment requirements, transfer of the know-how) in addition to the expectations for the next months 
(implementation of the energy refurbishment pilot actions and the communication plan).