GreenBuilding advances work to implement energy refurbishment of a pilot building in Tunisia


As part of the energy refurbishment of the Mohamed Kassab Orthopaedic Institute in Manouba, Tunisia, selected as a pilot building within GreenBuilding project, the Management Company of BorjCedria TechnoPark met with ASSELEC to discuss technical details in order to undertake the work on 15th July 2021. 

Participants discussed the mission of the technical assistance in the pilot building and the establishment of the energy measuring devices for the development of the e-tool for the energy monitoring. The tasks dedicated to the technical assistance are described below:

  • Updating the action and its planning (phase 1).
  • Definition of the technical specifications of the equipment to be purchased (phase 2).
  • Evaluation of the bids and proposal of equipment and services to be chosen for carrying out the action (phase 3).
  • Quarterly monitoring of the progress of the action implementation work and evaluation of the energy savings achieves (phase 4).

The involvement of a technical assistant is an essential step towards conducting of the energy refurbishment actions in the Mohamed Kassab Orthopaedic Institute. 

Stay tuned to find out the progress of the Tunisian pilot!