GIMED: Pitching event in Palestine

On Wednesday the 26th GIMED will celebrate a pitching event in Palestine devoted to ideation stage entrepreneurs. Organised by Leaders Organization, our partner in the region, 14 start-ups that completed their ideation program, capacity building and group and one-to-one coaching will present their ideas in front of a Jury Board. The pitching event will be divided into two groups with two different evaluation committees. The start-ups that will join this event are:

1. Smart Home Hydroponic System (Ezra’): it presents a developed small hydroponic system device to be installed in normal/small houses. 

2. Golden Strawberry: cultivation and production of strawberries using modern technologies to produce a healthy product of high quality without any chemicals.

3. Samadak Min Beitak: the project manufactures an organic fertilizer from food scraps, animal and farm wastes, as a substitute for chemical fertilizers.

4. Organic Egg: a poultry farm to produce organic eggs by providing and creating a natural environment.  

5. Flower Land: it works on utilizing areas of Area C lands. 

6. Talia Organic Farm: it aims at establishing a protected organic farm in the plain of Anza village, where it is possible to control pests and insects in a controlled environment.

7. Buthoor Mushtaraka: a proper cultivation of millet seeds and all its varities.  

8. Affordable building App in Palestine (SHABAP): it is a product that assesses the existing conditions of current buildings and suggests improvements to reduce energy and water consumption and to improve the indoor air quality. 

9. PALGY: this idea is to set up a company that searches for solutions to alternative energy problems.

10. E-commerce Platform: the idea of the project is based on creating a website (Palestine Rif) in order to market and display plant products produced by farmers or housewives.  

11. Almaraee Alhadraa’: raising sheep and feeding them greens and chemical-free environmental crops to produce varieties of mozzarella cheese, braided cheese and Labneh balls.

12. Rest: the webpage aims to transform the State of Palestine into a fully computerized state by gathering all the shops in one application that allows the residents of Palestine to roam the "virtual"  streets of the cities by using the Google Maps.

13. Shahd Al Assal: beekeeping and honey production and other hive 

14. Blue Stone: it aims at making interior stones for decoration in different shapes and colors using silicone molds and using recycled materials such as glass, wood wool, iron and paper waste.

The pitching event will be celebrated at 12pm UTC+2. In this final competition, 4 finalists will receive sub-grants of 7,500€ each, along with networking opportunities.

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