Watch and take a walk around the gorgeous streets of Granada with the iHERITAGE crew!

“In the waters of Granada, only the sighs row” -Federico Garcia Lorca

and we are still in awe of the beautiful sights of Granada so here’s a sneak peak for YOU!

The iHERITAGE project recently celebrated nearly one year of implementation by preparing the project's 2nd steering committee and the 1st in-person meeting in the heart of Granada, Spain, hosted by Spanish partners, El legado andalusí. 

Can you imagine visiting Alhambra de Granada and finding holographic exhibitions and virtual archeological red construction taking you back hundreds of years?

 JOIN US as we make this a reality through our Living Labs, research agreements and much more! Stay tuned and witness the game-changing and innovative products of the iHERITAGE project!