Vers la durabilité : ARTOLIO soutient José Luis García Ramírez, oléiculteur de Jaen (Espagne)


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ARTOLIO takes pride in supporting those who are committed to the environment and as respectful towards it as possible. José Luis García Ramírez, one of our farmers from the Jaen region, Spain, knows perfectly the importance of offering an organic product nowadays, not only to respect the environment, but also to attract those customers who are aware of the importance of staying healthy and looking after their well-being.

José was born into a traditional agricultural family and has been raised among olive trees. For generations, his family has always sought ways to get the most out of their olive groves. Being a family that also farms, they were familiar with all the advantages that olive trees offer. Olive leaves, for example, if mixed well, can be fed to livestock. Now he is the head of the mill and carries the pride of six generations dedicated to olive oil. His brand, Olvero, and his picual variety extra virgin olive oil have earned him the recognition of 13 international awards.

However, José was aware that the current weather situation requires external help to continue producing oil and then sell it on the current market. The public is more demanding as time goes by and the weather is less and less favorable. “The centrifugation of the mill consumes a lot of energy and water, which in itself is scarce. In addition, the oil can heat up and polyphenols are lost, which affects the quality of the product”, adds José about the problems he faces during production.

ARTOLIO has tried to alleviate the problem through the installation of photovoltaic panels, designed to make the most of Jaen's constant sunlight, and a new irrigation system that will cover 33 thousand meters of land. With the new water system and cells to detect temperature, he will save plenty of energy and water.

“Sebastián Sánchez, who I have been working with for years, introduced us to this project, and I am glad to be part of it. We will always welcome any improvements to the way we produce with open arms, because we always seek the best possible quality. Of course, always respecting the fields that have seen me grow.”