U-SOLVE et le défi italien pour atteindre les objectifs de développement durable


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It is now clear that the most urgent and complex challenge to be faced worldwide is the environmental credit crisis, and to restore the balance between the human consumption of natural resources and the Earth's ability to regenerate them, to reduce our ecological footprint and ensure a sustainable future for our planet. Each country is required to provide its contribution to addressing these great challenges while developing its own national strategy.

In Italy, for example, the National Sustainable Development Strategy is based on a multidimensional approach to overcome economic, environmental, and social inequalities and thus pursue sustainable, balanced, and inclusive development. This approach involves the use of a wide range of tools, including fiscal policies and structural reforms.

This strategy is structured in five areas of intervention, corresponding to the "5Ps" of sustainable development proposed by the  Agenda 2030 (People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, Partnership), each of which contains strategic choices and strategic objectives for Italy and recall the deep interrelation between economic dynamics, social growth, and environmental quality, aspects also known as the three pillars of sustainable development.

Among the areas of intervention, especially for Southern Italy, the most strategic one is to invest in human capital. To retain our talents we need quality job opportunities, generated by companies able to compete, grow and innovate. To launch a specific policy for the production system oriented towards the technological "frontier" two priorities are important:

1. Support the spread of innovation ecosystems, by promoting startups creation and attracting new entrepreneurial realities;
2. Encourage collaboration between companies and the research system to encourage technology transfer, through a public-private partnership

In line with these assumptions, U-SOLVE aims to bring new job opportunities to the Mediterranean territories developing a Mediterranean model of urban development based on new businesses creation and technology transfer to SMEs to respond to the challenges of sustainable development.

The project also aims to train young people and women in entrepreneurship, thus contributing to change the approach toward the subject. This innovative training will prepare start-ups to face and accept the challenge to innovate the business around urban sustainability.

As coordinator, Consorzio ARCA in Sicily, the business incubator of the University of Palermo, will guarantee the process of transformation and dissemination of the sustainable business culture to allow young people to enter the future ready to welcome the challenges of Agenda2030.