U-SOLVE : E-TRIKALA SA en Grèce propose un accompagnement aux femmes et demandeurs d'asile pour développer leur affaires


E-Trikala project team has started stakeholders´ mapping and conducted informative meetings with all the local organizations that could play an important role in the implementation of U-SOLVE and in the support of the entrepreneurship of young, vulnerable groups and women.

On 28th June, a meeting of the U-SOLVE project team was held with the staff of the Counseling Support Center for Women Victims of Violence, of the Municipality of Trikala. The staff of the Center presented both the services it offers and the actions it has carried out over the years, while a discussion followed on how the beneficiaries of the Center could use the tools of business development and innovation of U-SOLVE to their benefit.



On 8th of July, an open event took place. E-TRIKALA presented U-SOLVE project to the personnel of ESTIA project (Accommodation and Assistance to Asylum Seekers and Relocation Candidates in Trikala), which supports asylum seekers and refugees in the city of Trikala in terms of accommodation and social integration. During this meeting, the objectives of the project were presented too, followed by a discussion on employment problems faced by refugees and immigrants and how tools of U-SOLVE could support their business development and growth.



Within the next period of time, field visits and other actions with other organizations of the city will follow.