Training on MedSNAIL mapping for the identification of traditional agro-food products

Next 2 December, MedSNAIL project partners  will be virtually trained on the mapping methodology to be used in the project for the identification of traditional agro-food products likely to be catalogued in an agro-biodiversity census inspired by the slow- food approach. This census will be the result of a field research on the status of agro-biodiversity in target regions with a special focus on traditional agro-food products, as a part of Work Package 3 devoted to build up an agro-food alliance among the partner regions. 

MedSNAIL has a total budget of  2.028.807,74€ and is funded by the EU under the ENI CBC Med Programme by 90% (1.825.926,97 €). It has a three-year duration and aims to foster socially and environmentally sustainable development of agro-food SMEs by valorizing traditional Euro-Mediterranean products according to a “slow” approach and short-chain principles.

This training will be delivered by the Slow Food Foundation, partner in the project, who will lead this training through the following steps:  

- presentation of Slow Food Mapping methodology
- different phases of mapping exercise
- focus on desk review 
- expected results from desk review 
- next steps and deadlines

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