, un outil innovant et gratuit pour stimuler l'entrepreneuriat durable pour les start-up de GIMED


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The Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC), hosted by the Waste Agency of Catalonia, has launched platform. This brand-new tool is online and completely free to use. It was developed within the framework of the EU-funded SwitchMed programme to boost sustainable entrepreneurship and it is being used for the capacity-building workshops organised by GIMED under the ENICBCMED Programme. Thus, the platform is scaling and enhancing business model ideas into successful green start-ups in Palestine and Lebanon, partner countries from GIMED.

The platform enables interactions among entrepreneurs, business providers, mentors and financial institutions willing to develop novel business models in the field of Green and Circular Economy.   Through its Toolbox, which is a section of the platform, provides its users with a unique set of methodologies and tools for sustainable business development that were designed and digitalized by SCP/RAC in order to make them accessible to the wider audience.

In addition to this, hosts the SwitchersFund, the platform providing and facilitating direct funding and business support services to green entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean region as well as the Switchers Community website, the virtual place where entrepreneurs who share a common passion for the environment can meet. In the months to come, it will display a fourth section, the Policy Hub, which will enable the users to learn about enabling policies for sustainable businesses in the Mediterranean.

The platform is funded by the European Union, via SwitchMed, the ENI CBC Med Programme through GIMED’s project, and the UNEP/MAP Mediterranean Trust Fund. A webinar dedicated to the presentation of this new platform and putting special emphasis on the Toolbox will be held on the 28th of April. Experts will make a demonstration of its different tools while participants will have the opportunity to directly interact asking their questions. For more information you can go to the Facebook’s event page and get registered here.