Textile, chaussures et cuir : projet CRE@CTIVE financé par l'UE pour dynamiser les secteurs traditionnels méditerranéens


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On the 21st of December the CRE@CTIVE Project (“Innovation for bringing creativity to activate traditional sectors in Mediterranean area”) was kicked off by the lead partner The Textile Research Institute (AITEX) from Spain, and project partners from Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt.

ENI CBC MED CRE@CTIVE project is an EU funded project with a total budget of 3.2 million Euros. It aims at activating traditional Mediterranean industry sectors by boosting CREATIVITY as a key for increasing economic opportunities for MSMEs. Design talents from international organizations, creative hubs, fashion schools, design centres will be linked with MSMEs fostering a creativity and innovation process with impacts on value chains and business alliances across the Mediterranean.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the internal kick-off had to be held online. At the start all partners introduced their institutions, the project team and the role they will play within the project. The lead partner introduced in detail the project with its different work packages and outputs and gave an introduction to the management procedures and financial management guidelines for all partners. CEEBA, the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations introduced the communication plan outline.

The official institutional meeting and press conference of CRE@CTIVE will be held in March.