TEX-MED ALLIANCES: nouvelles initiatives pour revitaliser l'industrie textile méditerranéenne à la suite de la COVID-19


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TEX-MED ALLIANCES project, as well as the partners involved in it, has obviously been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This virus has taught us the importance of working together in order to overcome life difficulties. Therefore we want to implement this lesson in our vision of the project: what started as a promising project for strengthening alliances among Mediterranean countries, now has even developed into a moral obligation. 

Last June, all the project partners were digitally reunited in order to hold the workshop where we would decide in which initiatives should we all work on in order to accomplish long term relationships in the Textile and Clothing Mediterranean Industry. After a long discussion and several points of view, TEX-MED ALLIANCES is betting on the following initiatives:

- Inside the innovation block, we will work on building the Mediterranean Health Emergencies cluster. This initiative aims at helping our countries and regions fighting destructive infections and pandemics. The Meditex Cluster could be achieved by integrating into an alliance, producers of both northern and southern countries for a comprehensive marketing strategy of the tex-health value chain, and therefore being able to present itself as a qualified supplier to the institutional markets. 

- Regarding the Circular Economy block, we want to capitalize on our past positive experiences in sustainability best practices, in particular for coping with the challenges of the new scenario. We want to provide support for survival to Micro and Small Enterprises heavily hit by the pandemic. 

- Talking about internationalization, we will work on the fashion re-start, it is not only our mandate as a project but our moral obligation to our partners' members to save jobs and companies through thinking: competitive, innovative, new, fresh and marketable.

- And last but not least, the Dyeing Small Batches Initiative has an important role in the project since it may serve for the implementation of the other initiatives as a supporting method for SMEs to improve finishing/dyeing capabilities.

We are looking forward to starting collaborating with companies for accomplishing our initiatives, stay tuned for the calls of subgrants.