TEX-MED ALLIANCES - A new concept of dyeing small batches in Tunisia

The Cettex technology center in Monastir, Tunisia has special machinery for dyeing small batches. This is one of the initiatives of the TEX-MED ALLIANCES project.

The dyeing of fabrics and textile products is an art but it can also be a problem if we talk about small companies - SMEs - working with small batches.

In order to solve this challenge, the TEX-MED ALLIANCES project has installed, through its partner CETTEX, specific and innovative equipment for the dyeing of small batches in Monastir, Tunisia. This is called the Dyeing Small Batches (DSB) initiative. The equipment is available to all TEX-MED ALLIANCES beneficiary companies. But what can this equipment do? How does it work? In order to answer these questions, CETTEX devoted the month of June 2022 to making this new dyeing tool known through technical and practical training.

This video shows how much these facilities can help SMEs.