Les pays méditerranéens forgent une alliance stratégique pour renforcer le secteur textile


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The first official presentation of the 'TEX-MED Alliances' project will take place in La Casa de la Seda in Barcelona, next Thursday, 20th February at 12.15 pm. The event organized by TEXFOR - lead partner of the initiative - will offer to local entrepreneurs and stakeholders a complete overview of the objectives project and the support it offers to textile and clothing businesses in terms of internationalization, innovation, technology upgrading and circular economy. To register to the event, please follow this link

TEX-MED Alliances, “Textile Mediterranean Alliances for Business Development, Internationalization and Innovation” aims at reducing the innovation gap among Mediterranean, focusing on three key areas that are crucial for the textile and clothing businesses: Internationalization, Innovation and Circular Economy. The project involves eight partners representing some of the most important textile and clothing clusters of the Mediterranean area. 

  • TEXFOR – Industry Textile Confederation (Spain, Catalunya)
  • CTN – Industrial Association of Northern Tuscany (Italy, Tuscany)
  • SEPEE – Hellenic Fashion Industry Association (Greece, Kentriki Makedonia)
  • CETTEX – Textile Technical Center (Tunisia, Ben Arous)
  • MFCPOLE – Monastir El Fejja Competitiveness Pole (Tunisia, Tunis)
  • GACIC – German Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Egypt, El Iskandanyah)
  • ACI – Amman Chamber of Industry (Jordan, Amman)
  • PFI – Palestinian Federation of Industries (Palestine) 

For more information, please visit the project website