TEX-MED ALLIANCES expands the network with Mechano-Tex for Innovation, an international brokerage matchmaking of new technologies

An opportunity for textile and textile-clothing companies from the Mediterranean basin to meet, get to know each other, and exchange ideas in light of their shared commitment to innovation: This was Mechano-Tex for Innovation, the matchmaking between companies held in Prato, Italy, on 25 May 2022. A session in the framework of the European project, TEX-MED ALLIANCES organized by Confindustria Toscana Nord.

The hybrid organizational formula that allowed participation both in person and online was appreciated by the participants, including.... of ... different companies coming from ... countries

"The message we wanted to send with these initiatives has been received: an important part of the introduction and diffusion of innovation in textile-clothing passes through production machinery - comments Susanna Leonelli, Project Coordinator of TEX-MED ALLIANCES -. Mechano-Tex for Innovation has helped to positively expand the network of relationships between companies, consistent with the aims of our project."

"We are satisfied with the outcome of Mechano-Tex for Innovation, an initiative in which some of the most innovative mechanical textile companies in the district of Prato participated - adds Francesco Marini, member of the Presidency Council of Confindustria Toscana Nord with delegation to internationalization -. The diffusion of innovation, which has a fundamental element in machinery and plants, goes in the direction of a more efficient and optimized production also from the point of view of environmental impact: a goal, this, common to textiles all over the world and particularly felt in the Prato district."  

This video is a summary of Mechano-Tex for Innovation. Enjoy it!