TEX-MED ALLIANCES contribue à assurer la production d'équipements de protection individuelle afin de lutter contre la pandémie de COVID-19


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The TEX-MED ALLIANCES project is currently working to assure the supply chain of textile sanitary materials that are highly demanded due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mapping the industrial capacities in terms of production of personal protection equipment, masks, protective gloves and glasses for medical use in the Mediterranean area.

Some countries are currently facing a shortage of health protection material. State and regional governments are engaged into achieving a proximity supply chain to address this shortage. TEX-MED ALLIANCES will put its knowledge at the disposal of national, regional or local governments and to any organization that might need it, with the mapping of the productive capacities of the Mediterranean area.

If you are a textile company producing fabrics, yarns, laces, etc. for health use or you manufacture sanitary protection material and you want to be included in the Production Capacities database, fill out the following form: https://bit.ly/3aEQLyz

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