Stimuler l'innovation en Méditerranée : le projet NEX-LABS signe un accord avec le projet PHEMAC

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In order to promote cooperation and the advancement of academic, educational exchanges and technology transfer between NEX-LABS Project and PHEMAC Project, the two consortia have agreed to sign an agreement for mutual cooperation within the water, energy and food research fields.

PHEMAC project aims to develop and disseminate an interactive platform to profile best practices of previous and ongoing projects and initiatives related to farming system, water and food in the Mediterranean region. PHEMAC project is part of the PRIMA programme supported by the European Union under H2020. 

The following general forms of cooperation will be pursued:

  • Institutional visits and missions
  • Joint capacity building programs and activities
  • Joint activities, mapping of innovative technologies and publications
  • Joint dissemination, outreach, benchmarking and communication of projects’ activities progress and outputs
  • Participation in seminars, workshops, innovation weeks, MED Researchers’ Nights, Participatory Impact Pathway events, focus groups, generation ideas programme and brokerage events
  • Exchange of documentation materials and other information