Solutions intelligentes développées par SME4SMARTCITIES présentées à la ville de Gênes, Italie


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On 11th of February, FILSE, the Italian partner of SME4SMARTCITIES project, represented by Vice Director Maria Nives Riggio, Pietro De Martino and Valeria Rainisio met the manager and the staff of the Economic Development Sector of Genoa Municipality.

Genoa Municipality (the Italian associated partner of SME4SMARTCITIES project) created the Genoa Smart City Association in 2010. Today, the association has eighty members, all public and private entities. The aim is to facilitate a process to make Genoa an intelligent city, in order to improve the quality of life, safeguard the environment, fuel economic development and employment growth.

During the meeting, FILSE presented the next project activities that will be implemented in collaboration with Genoa Municipality. Amongst these we remind the smart cities solutions and green innovation. The importance of the Municipality of Genoa being an active part of the "Mediterranean Cities" Group has been highlighted in view of the concrete effects of the project results on the territory, and with a view to compare with other important Mediterranean realities.