SIRCLES lance un appel d'offres pour un formateur en compétences entrepreneuriales en Catalogne, Espagne


Ce contenu est disponible uniquement en anglais

Formació i Treball Empresa de Inserción (FITEI) is launching a call for a trainer to teach entrepreneurial skills in the training course for NEETs and women under SIRCLES project.

The maximum offer for the contract: 4,005 Euros (VAT not included) for 60 hours of trainings, 2 courses of 30 hours.

The deadline to submit the application is on December 20, 2021

Documentation and application conditions can be found in these documents (Spanish and English):

File 1. Technical specifications (Spanish).

File 2. Offer of the supplier or contractor's tender (Spanish).

File 3. Declaration of honour (English).