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Semaine conjointe de l'innovation virtuelle NEX-LABS et PHEMAC Eau, énergie, alimentation NEXUS. Ouvrant la voie à l'entrepreneuriat

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Bringing together Euro-Mediterranean researchers, policy makers, investors, Industry players, Academia, Technology Transfer Offices, SMEs, startups and Entrepreneurs, the joint NEX-LABS and PHEMAC project innovation week will provide a platform to:

  • know more about Water Energy and Food (WEF) NEXUS status and realities in Tunisia and the Euro-Mediterranean Region and forge strategic partnerships across Europe and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region
  • stream a regional conference, workshops, discussion panels and expert roundtables, followed by B2B matchmaking sessions to help you connect with relevant peers and stakeholders in Europe and the MENA region
  • provide an open space for SMEs, Startups and Innovators  to exhibit their innovative products, services & ideas

The event is open for SMEs, Startups, Academics, Researchers, Experts, technology transfer offices, policy makers and R&D institutions linked to the field of Water, Energy &Food.

The innovation week program will be full of opportunities to network with the most active business clusters, industry players, leading academics, international experts, technology transfer offices, policy makers and Research & Development institutions to exchange knowledge and ideas around the latest innovations and findings in the Water, Energy and Food sectors following a nexus approach:

Opening Ceremony

To communicate to the audience the purpose of the innovation week, the background story and including the welcome address from the local officials, institutions, funding agencies, and corresponding relevant public authorities.

Focus Group Meeting

A Focus group session that involves gathering people from similar backgrounds or experiences together to discuss about the NEXUS iHUB and the gathered experience of various funded projects and platforms while addressing existing WEF NEXUS challenges and opportunities.

Regional Conference

A Keynote presentation where the invited speaker energizes and sets the tone for the remainder of the conference or at least for the day.

A WEF NEXUS panel session that starts defining which are the typical problems for the successful implementation, acceptance of technological solutions and provide the floor to identify and discuss which problems prevent the replication of acceptance within the different WEF NEXUS interphases.

Entrepreneur’s corner space

An entrepreneur’s corner space to demonstrate the benefits of a dynamic approach of collaboration between actors of the innovation ecosystem at the regional level, and how it contributes to the materialization and valorization of innovation.

Brokerage Event

Virtually B2B Sessions via video-call of 10 minutes between various actors operating in the fields of Water, Energy, Agri-Food and ICT: Companies, researchers, start-ups, idea promoters, Financing Institutions and Business Centers.

Meet potential cooperation partners and make new contacts, where they can explore potential business and technological co-operation opportunities within WEF NEXUS.

Workshops & Round Tables

A PIPA workshop to guide the discussion through an Impact Logic Model to describe how by achieving PHEMAC vision, the selected WEF NEXUS projects can contribute to longer term impacts.
A Technology Transfer Offices workshop bringing together a group of people and allowing them to learn, collaborate, and create together around the requirements for an effective WEF NEXUS technologies/solutions assessment replication to favor their effective commercialization around the Euro Mediterranean region.
Crowdfunding round table discussion focused on revealing the rationale behind the crowd funding guideline and rules, why such guidelines were implemented, and a general advisory on how to employ crowd funding to support the replication of WEF NEXUS technologies or solutions.


More than 30 innovators, startups show most innovative ideas, products, and services in WEF + ICT Nexus related fields.  Each best innovative idea will be presented to the Crowdfunding workshop.


More than 30 SMEs will be exposing and demonstrating their achievements in WEF-NEXUS fields. They will get to know each other’s activities, exchange new ideas and facilitate the not-so-easy process of holding an exhibition, which may not be affordable for a single company.

Participation is free of charge but subject online registration. For further information, and for the detailed program, please visit the event website:

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