Rencontrez l'équipe du projet MED-InA : épisode #7


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Let's meet the people who are involved in the MED-InA project, the people who work daily for designing our Mediterranean cities zero waste models, the people who embody the MEDiterranean INtegrated Alliance on waste for cities and citizens!

The MED-InA project has seven partners from five countries: here is our series of interviews for introducing each partner and its role in the project.

Our seventh and last interviewee: Caroline De Broissia on the behalf of the Agency for Sustainable Mediterranean Cities and Territories (AVITEM) in France.

What will be your role in the MED-InA project?

We have two main roles within the MED-InA project: we will develop a Zero Waste methodology that will then be implemented in the pilot site in Jordan, Tunisia and Spain. We also lead the project communication. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

How will you guide municipalities in the adoption of the Zero Waste methodology?

AVITEM together with JUST will organize two Zero Waste workshops aiming at guiding MED-InA pilot municipalities into the implementation of a Zero Waste methodology adapted to their local contexts. These workshops are rooms for exchanges with external pioneer Zero Waste actors invited to share their knowledge, good practices and lessons learned with the pilot municipalities.  

What added value the MED-InA project will bring to the waste management sector?

MED-InA is a unique project as it gathers a great number of Mediterranean partners to reflect and act against the waste crisis we are going through. The MED-InA project seeks to involve all the key players to tackle the crisis at a local scale, that is to say: municipalities, citizens and private companies.

MED-InA: an alliance of cities and citizens giving another dimension to the Zero Waste approach in the Mediterranean.

All these partners work together to develop and to implement Zero Waste strategies and methodologies as well as to support Mediterranean cities and citizens towards more responsible waste management. Thank you for following our #MEDINAteam series!