Rencontrez l'équipe du projet MED-InA : épisode #3


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Let's meet the people who are involved in the 
MED-InA project, the people who work daily for designing our Mediterranean cities zero waste models, the people who embody the MEDiterranean INtegrated Alliance on waste for cities and citizens!

The MED-InA project has seven partners from five countries: here is our series of interviews for introducing each partner and its role in the project.

Third interviewee: Lionel Rodrigues on the behalf of E3D-Environnement in France.

What will be your role in the MED-InA project?

As leader of the MED-InA project, E3D-environnement must ensure the right implementation of the project and coordinate the activities of all partners.
We are also responsible for the implementation of the GD6D methodology adapted to the context of the 3 pilot municipalities.

What is about the GD6D methodology?

Digital coaching methodology based on behavioural sciences and intelligent algorithms tested during the last 10 years in France and Europe. It is not just a technology, it is a citizen exchange device that can be deployed on a large scale thanks to digital technology.

What added value it will bring to the waste management sector?

GD6D's technology will reach inhabitants and make a change in their waste management to help them reduce, recycle and sort and to have a better knowledge of the local waste facilities.

See you next Wednesday to meet another MED-InA partner! 

An intercultural and international collaboration to enable major changes regarding waste reduction and management, through inhabitants coaching, improvement of municipal waste management and local circular economy.