Reprise des activités d'HELIOS en Tunisie: rencontre avec des femmes, des jeunes et des organisations de l'économie bleue et circulaire


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On Saturday May 30th 2020, the Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fishery (UTAP), the HELIOS Tunisian partner, carried out a series of meetings to create synergies and to reach women, young people and Blue and Circular economy organizations.

This was an important step to restart HELIOS cooperation activities in Tunisia, in response to the COVID-19 emergency. 

In particular, the meetings focused on:

1. Develop synergies between HELIOS and Project Agora Ram-Nord
The aim of this project, funded by the GEF and PNUD and executed by APAL and ATLAS association, is "Combating vulnerabilities and risks linked to climate change in vulnerable coastal areas of Tunisia". The two projects will execute together a pilot action offering jobs to the local young people. 

2. Advocacy for HELIOS project in Ghar El Melh (Tunisia)
UTAP’s HELIOS team involved people in Ghar El Melh, explaining the project and the opportunities that it offers to help social incusion of NEETs specialy women.

3. Visit Blue and Circular economy organizations in Ghar El Melh
The team visited some Blue and circular economy organizations (public and private) to introduce HELIOS project and to prepare the next steps for organizing the NEETs’ training courses and to promote integration with the collaboration of these organizations.

Unity is strength, #GOMED!

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