Rejoignez le programme iHERITAGE Italian Living Labs enrichi avec activités d'ateliers et études de cas sur les technologies émergentes dans le tourisme culturel !


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The Network of Castles and Medieval Towns, iHERITAGE partner in Italy, is launching the second module of its Living Labs Program, which will implement a new approach to discovering and enhancing the Sicilian territory and its beautiful UNESCO sites with the participation of local stakeholders and operators.

A deeper look at the Arab-Norman Itinerary, for example, will bring us to the Cathedral of Monreale, where we will meet the management body and service suppliers and learn how to build a holographic depiction of one of the best surviving specimens of Norman architecture. A similar approach will be used in the valorization of typical Mediterranean Diet items, recreating the many stages of food production using augmented and virtual reality: from raw materials to finished products.

Virtual archaeological reconstructions, augmented reality audio guides, holographic exhibitions, and augmented and virtual reality viewers are just a few of the innovative products that will be developed within Living Labs: training courses for students, researchers, young creatives, start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and public administrations, during which seminars, workshops, capacity-building sessions, and training courses, including tutorials, will be organiz

The techniques and applications behind the new technologies envisaged by the project will be illustrated and detailed in workshop sessions held by our partners in Italy aimed at building a shared process of analysis and comprehension focused on the immersive dimension of the product.

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