Réduire la pression sur les ressources en eau: première visite de terrain du projet PROSIM en Sicile


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The PROSIM project aims at implementing innovative solutions for water-use efficiency and use of non-conventional water in agriculture, thus reducing water stress in selected areas of the Mediterranean basin, such as the Municipality of Marsala (Sicily, Italy).

In this region, the use of treated wastewater (TWW) from the local wastewater treatment plant would decrease the pressure on local groundwaters. For this reason, the PROSIM project will implement 2 hectares of experimental plots, within and nearby the plant, to promote future adoption at farm level. Local farmers will be involved in the project through on-field dissemination days and 10 local technicians with experience in the agriculture sector will be trained to provide assistance to local farmers.

The test implemented in Sicily will include the application of an Excel tool developed by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), processing input parameters on water quality and crop water requirements entered manually and returning the best mix of water qualities and quantities.

On Wednesday 29th January, a delegation of ICU - Institute for University Cooperation (lead beneficiary of the project) and of the Municipality of Marsala visited the wastewater treatment plant to identify the location of the plots where the activities of the project will be carried out.

The PROSIM project (“Promoting Sustainable Irrigation Management and non-conventional water use in the Mediterranean”) aims to reduce pressure on water resources by implementing improved irrigation solutions that ensure an increased water-use efficiency and larger use of non-conventional water. The activities to be implemented in Sicily have the objective of becoming a scalable practice for local farmers, which aim to increase the productivity of their crops while reducing water resource use.