Quel est le dénominateur commun entre le projet SME4SMARTCITIES et le marché des villes intelligentes?


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SME4SMARTCITIES is a project co-financed by the European Union through the ENI CBCMED Programme. One of the project’s objectives is to support 50 Mediterranean SMEs in ensuring their products and services meet the expectations and needs of Smart Cities. The project also aims to help 6 cities to be front-runners of innovation, using Public Procurement of innovation.

The Smart Cities Marketplace (previously called “the Marketplace of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities”, EIP-SCC) is an initiative supported by the European Commission that brings together cities, industry, SMEs, investors, researchers, and other key actors for the sector with the main purpose of supporting massive upscaling of smart city solutions and, therefore, delivering more sustainable urban areas for European citizens. It aims to be a hub for all the stakeholders and for anyone looking for inspiration, knowledge-exchange, or investment in areas of the smart city field such as ICT, energy, or mobility.

Among other tasks, the Smart Cities Marketplace remains committed to the Six Smart City Action Clusters inherited from the EIP-SCC: Built Environment and Sustainable Districts; Sustainable Urban Mobility; Integrated Infrastructures and Processes; Integrated Planning, Policy and Regulation; Citizen Focus and Business Models and Finance. In addition, in order to get projects to the market, the Smart Cities Marketplace organizes a series of matchmaking activities offering unique occasions during this challenging time period to network and search for investment opportunities with key smart cities decision-makers such as local authorities, research institutions as well as leading smart cities and infrastructure investors.

Project funding possibilities are also explored through other initiatives of the Platform like the Smart Cities Marketplace Investor Network (comprised of investors and facilitators who are actively looking for smart cities projects) or a tool that provides clear and practical information about opportunities from the European Structural Investment Funds, the European Investment Bank’s financial instruments and other programmes managed by the European Commission and the Member States.

Explore these and other interesting resources offered by the Platform such as business model repositories, guides, toolkits, and news related to the sector on the Smart Cities Marketplace website.

It can be seen that SMEs are the common denominator in both initiatives with the final goal of creating smarter cities that will connect us and help us grow, both as cities as well as individuals. Together we are stronger!

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