Projet MEDISS à l'événement de la Nuit internationale de la géographie 2021

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The MEDISS project "Mediterranean Integrated System for Water Supply" at the event "Raccontare il Territorio. Narrazioni Geografiche a confronto - Describing territories: A comparison of geographical narratives", one of the appointments of the International Night of Geography 2021.

The event was organised by the Department of Literature, Languages and Cultural Heritage of the University of Cagliari, and Associazione Italiana Insegnanti di Geografia - AIIG (Italian Association of Geography Teachers).

One session of the event was dedicated to the MEDISS project. 

The MEDISS session was attended by:
- Irene Morell Rodriguez, Joint Technical Secretariat - ENI CBC Med Program
- Laura Pinna, Joint Technical Secretariat - ENI CBC Med Program
- Monther Hind, MEDISS Project Manager
- Mariantonietta Dessena, ENAS Project Coordinator
The debate was moderated by Carlo Perelli, CRENoS Project Coordinator.


The video is only available in Italian.