Projet MED4EBM : La Réserve naturelle de la côte de Tyr au Liban recherche un expert en SIG et bases de données pour une unité locale basée sur la GIZC


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The Mediterranean Forum For Applied Ecosystem-Based Management (MED4EBM) initiative is a partnership project funded by the ENI CBC MED Programme 2014-2020, under the Thematic Objective B.4 (Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation) and Thematic Priority B.4.4 (Incorporate the Ecosystem-Based management approach to ICZM into local development planning).

MED4EBM duration is three years and its total budget is 3,310,237.60 Euro; the project partnership spans over four countries, namely Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia.

The Project aims at enhancing capacities of various stakeholders and institutional actors involved in the management of coastal and marine areas, and at establishing a cooperation and coordination platform for them to effectively implement ecosystem-based Integrated Coastal Zone Management (EB-ICZM). Governments and other ICZM stakeholders can use this platform to take informed decisions on planning and managing coastal resources and achieve effective coordination on the ground. In turn, this will help wide-spreading EBM in the Mediterranean consistently with the Barcelona Convention and its ICZM Protocol.

The project will help concerned stakeholders to reduce and handle conflicts on the different uses of coastal and marine resources, boosting the sustainable-productivity potential of these resources through the establishment of an Ecosystem-based ICZM Decisions Support System (EB-ICZM-DSS) and an Ecosystem-Based Governance Protocol (EB-GP) in each of the four project target areas located in Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia.

For the development of the said Decisions Support Systems and Governance Protocols, MED4EBM is establishing a project EB-ICZM Technical Team and one EB-ICZM Local Unit in each of the four target areas.

The PP5 Tyre Coast Nature Reserve is responsible for establishing the EB-ICZM Local Unit in Lebanon, Tyre pilot area.



Under the direction of the TCNR Director, Dr. Nahed Msayleb, and in close coordination and collaboration with the project EB-ICZM Technical Team, the EB-ICZM Local Unit GIS and DB Expert is responsible for: developing, managing and updating the EB-ICZM-DSS system database (DB); creating, updating and maintaining the geo-referenced spatial components (GIS) of the above mentioned system; providing technical support to the TCNR/PP5 in various Information Technology fields during the execution of the MED4EBM project.


Under the direction of Dr. Nahed Msayleb, and in close coordination and collaboration with the project EB-ICZM Technical Team, the EB-ICZM Local Unit GIS and DB Expert will execute the following tasks:

  • Setup, implement and manage the database of the EB-ICZM-DSS system;
  • Develop, manage, and update shapefiles to create and maintain the geo-referenced spatial components datasets of the EB-ICZM-DSS system;
  • Develop complex computational query between the different tables of the database of the EB-ICZM-DSS system, to implement the various indicators;
  • Provide technical support in all relevant computer technologies (GPS, online publication of data, etc.).

Qualifications requirements

The EB-ICZM Local Unit GIS and DB Expert must hold a B.Sc. degree and five years of professional experience in the design and management of GIS projects and relational databases.

Her/his professional record must include extensive experiences in all the following sectors:

  • design implementation and maintenance of relational databases using MS SQL Server and Ms Access;
  • professional use of the ESRI ArcGIS 10.x and Excel software;
  • Proven ability to develop complex computational SQL queries in databases.

S/He must have a proven knowledge and practical experiences in using GIS software and handling relational databases.

S/He must have an excellent command of the English language (both written and oral communication) and Arabic.

Level of project engagement

72 working days over 24 months.

How to apply

Please send your resume with 2 reference letters to: specifying

MED4EBM  EB-ICZM Local Unit GIS & DB Expert” in the email subject.

Application deadline is October 12, 2020, or 12 work days from the vacancy announcement date. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted and invited for interview.