Projet MAIA-TAQA pour la mise en œuvre d'un système photovoltaïque intégré au bâtiment à la Chambre de commerce de Jordanie


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The MAIA-TAQA Jordanianm the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, has signed a contract for preparing consultancy services to implement a Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) system at its premises with the Creative Engineering & Environment Company on 10/2/2021.

With this contact, the Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JCC) aims to devote a culture of energy conservation in society, and within the framework of the MAIA-TAQA pilot projects to spread community energy awareness, and to achieve the Jordan Chamber of Commerce’s goals in the field of studies, research within Renewable Energy & Efficiency.

JCC is considering two options for implementing (BIPV) system, whether to replace building glaze or by covering the stone; there will be environmental and economic benefits asper the table below: