Projet MAIA-TAQA : fourniture d'un système photovoltaïque intégré au bâtiment à la Chambre de Commerce de Jordanie


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The Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JOCC), partner of MAIA-TAQA project, intends to ask for a financial offer regarding:

  1. A technical feasibility study for the implementation of the most suitable BIPV (Building-integrated photovoltaics) system at JOCC building in Amman;
  2. The study should be accompanied by a structural evaluation of the building façade to support the new proposed photovoltaic system;
  3. Preparation of tender documents for the implementation of the above BIPV system;
  4. Technical assistance in offers evaluation and final project acceptance.

The minimum requirements are that a class A structural engineering office shall perform full structural analysis study to decide if the existing façade structure tolerates the BIPV weight, also the offer should be in English language.

Previous experience in BIPVs with similar projects is requested.

All offers must be sent by email to Ms. Hala Khasawneh at the following address:

Jordan Chamber of Commerce

218 Princess Basma Street, Abdoun, Amman - Jordan