Projet GREENLAND : une voie verte pour favoriser l'inclusion sociale des jeunes et des femmes en Méditerranée

by Valerio Li Puma

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The promotion of the young people and women social inclusion in the Mediterranean Region through the reduction of poverty and the creation of new job opportunities is at the heart of developing a more equal and cohesive society and one of goals of the European Union.

The Green Economy which the EU  defines as an “economy that can secure growth and development, while at the same time improving human well-being, providing decent jobs, reducing inequalities, tackling poverty and preserving the natural capital upon which we all depend” is a strategic key in this context. 

In fact, this model promotes economic opportunities that “green” policies, markets and business practices can deliver, creating new job opportunities.

The GREENLAND project, funded by the European Union through the ENI CBC MED programme, believes in this green challenge.

Let's find out more about the GREENLAND mission

GREENLAND intends to contribute to the Mediterranean Social Inclusion, increasing the employability of NEETs (Not engaged in Education, Employment or Training) and unemployed women and facilitating their access to the labour market through  training courses where they will develop marketable skills in the Green and Circular Economy.

In addition, the project will promote connections between market needs, TVETs, Local Authorities, Policy makers and SMEs operating in Green and Circular Economy sectors to create a “green network” with the final aim of supporting employment and improving engagement of young people and women in the Mediterranean region.

To achieve these objectives, the added value of the cross-border cooperation will play a fundamental role  thanks to the involvement of project partners from Italy, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Portugal and Greece that will exchange best practices, experiences and knowledge fundamental for the project activities.

GREENLAND is ready to make its contribution for a more inclusive and green Mediterranean!

Stay tuned to discover the initiatives that the project will promote in the coming months! Visit the project page on ENI CBC MED website and follow us on Facebook.