Partenaires CROSSDEV - De Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil au sentier du patrimoine palestinien : un nouveau nom de marque pour une vision plus large


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The CROSSDEV’s Palestinian partner – previously known as Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil (MIAK) – has recently changed its name to Palestinian Heritage Trail. The article below explains the reasons for that and presents the new organisation’s logo.

We are happy to announce the transition of our organisation to a broader vision, therefore the name change: from Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil to Palestinian Heritage Trail. 

Our vision has started with building a trail that follows the legendary Ibrahim hospitality which can be seen all over. N, now we are proud to announce we have expanded beyond that. Since we have started back in 2013, we have come a long way, and our work has exceeded our given name. The Palestinian Heritage trail (PH Trail) today is significantly developing projects all over the West Bank including Jerusalem. 

The need of a new name has gone through a well-studied evaluation. Palestinian Heritage Trail alongside the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities have established a scientific committee to come out with such decision. The committee evaluated all previous achievements and saw it was right to move forward with the announcement. The committee sought that the announcement is convenient to take place today because of the lack of tourism due to Covid-19. 

Palestinian Heritage Trail vision is a vibrant Palestinian community in a sustainable environment for an enticing experience of Palestine’s cultural history along the Palestinian Heritage Trail. PH Trail will continue to work towards developing Community- based Tourism throughout the entire country. The main method in achieving that is through creating a sustainable trail (Destination Management Organization). It is more than just a hiking trail, it's a path that leads deep into the memory and heritage of Palestinian people. This provides opportunities to experience an authentic Palestinian heritage and exchange of cultures. The trail development enhances local potentials through restoration of homestays and guest houses along the route, empowers women's centers, and creates jobs for Palestinian trekking tour guides.


Palestinian Heritage Trail chose a broader logo to resemble our growing work. The logo consists of the poppy flower (Hanoun in Arabic), which is the national flower of Palestine, and can be seen by hikers all over Palestine in spring timespringtime. The Hanoun flower symbolizes development and reflects the enriched variety of wildlife and landscape in our nation. 

The black, red and green colors in the flower are the Palestinian’s flag colors, which reflects the enriched Palestinian identity deeply rooted in history. 

The stones underneath the flower represent our rich heritage, that is alive and practiced until today since thousands of years. The stones are mostly seen in ancient Palestinian houses and alongside the trail as an old Palestinian protection method of any dirt drifts. The stones in the logo come convenient to PH Trail since it aims for cultural preservation, as we literally work on renovating and rehabilitating some ancient Palestinian homes alongside the trail as guest houses for local and international tourists to stay in. 

In summary, PH Trail’s logo is identity and heritage.

Current circumstances are not stopping our work, but we are patiently waiting for our earth to heal and for life to go back to normal. When tourism is back, we are ready to have everyone from all around the world with a new brand, new name and a broad welcoming. 

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