Palestine : Devenez guide touristique avec le projet CROSSDEV


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As part of the CROSSDEV project, partner Palestinian Heritage Trail is seeking interested candidates from the project’s target areas to apply for a soon-to-start training to become “Community tour guides”.

The training aims to develop the capacities of people from the local communities to become tour guides and be able to accompany local and international guests during their visits of the areas surrounding the trail's new hiking segment extending between Beit Mirsim to Battir, providing them with information about the local communities, history, hidden gems, the natural and cultural heritage and traditions.

  • Deadline to apply: 18/7/2021
  • Expected starting date: 27/7/2021
  • Expected ending date: end of August 2021
  • Training topics: First Aid, History, Animals Recognition, Geology

Click here to fill the application form.

For info and details, please get in touch with PH TRAIL.

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