ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM : réunion ouverte pour discuter de la stratégie de l'agriculture biologique en Méditerranée

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Happening on Wednesday,10th of February, 2021 at 10:00 am (CET)

ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM offers multiple opportunities for the Mediterranean organic sector through concrete support to companies in order to strengthen value chains, create new commercial alliances and facilitate access to new markets.

All organic or potential organic stakeholders can:
1) Freely join the Mediterranean organic cross-border network aimed at increasing cooperation between private and public actors in the organic sector in order to strengthen the sector itself and improve its competitiveness.
2) Benefit from a free online assistance service aimed at facilitating the creation of innovative organic value chains and access to new markets.
3) Training to create and strengthen innovative organic value chains 
4) Participate in regional and cross-border laboratories to generate innovative products and services and encourage the creation of new commercial alliances. 

At the end of these activities, the 3 companies that have produced the most interesting ideas/prototypes will participate in an international agri-food fair with project funds.

The project activities and participation criteria will be presented during the meeting.

It is possible to participate in the meeting upon registration at the following link:

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