ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM a rassemblé plus de 170 parties prenantes travaillant sur l'agriculture biologique en Méditerranée


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On the 10th of February, ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM held the second stakeholders meeting in the frame of the project. On this occasion, all stakeholders had the opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the organic industry value chain in the Mediterranean. 

The scope of the project is to create a consolidated network of stakeholders, private and public, working on agriculture in the region to foster alliances and create business opportunities within the organic sector. The project offers multiple opportunities for the Mediterranean organic sector through concrete support to companies in order to strengthen value chains, create new commercial alliances, and facilitate access to new markets. 

During this meeting, the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (CIHEAM Bari), a world-renowned institution in this field, introduced the “Strategy for Organic Agriculture in the Mediterranean”, an action plan developed in the frame of the project that gathers the main challenges and opportunities for this sector nationally and regionally. 

Besides the “Strategy for Organic Agriculture in the Mediterranean”, there was a presentation on the project’s benefits and how to have access to them. All the services displayed are offered for free and covered with EU’s funds, among them we can find:

  1. Join for free the Mediterranean organic cross-border network aimed at increasing cooperation between private and public actors in the organic sector in order to strengthen the sector itself and improve its competitiveness. (to be part of this agreement fill-up this form)
  2. Free online assistance service aimed at facilitating the creation of innovative organic value chains and access to new markets. These services are related to technical knowledge, international trade, marketing, etc.
  3. Training to create and strengthen innovative organic value chains. 
  4. Participate in regional and cross-border laboratories to generate innovative products and services and encourage the creation of new commercial alliances. 
  5. The companies that have produced the most interesting ideas/prototypes will participate in an international agri-food fair with project funds.


  • Can I join the “Mediterranean organic ecosystem” and have access to all the project’s services even if I am not from the country partners?  

YES, the network is open to every country in the Mediterranean region. Being part of this ecosystem means that you can access the online platform, join our database for strategic alliances and enjoy online assistance services. The training is the only service limited to stakeholders in the country partners, in other words, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Greece and Spain. 

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