ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM: Italy-Lebanon cooperation in the carob sector

The video illustrates the current situation of the organic sector in Italy in the frame of the ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM project and exemplifies the success story of cross-border cooperation in the carob sector, between Italy and Lebanon. 

It features Mara Semeraro from CIHEAM Bari, Maria Ciaula from Regione Puglia, Carmela Riccardi, Founder and Owner of Masseria Olère and Georges Youssef, CEO of Agrocedrus Menjez Aakar.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cooperation among Mediterranean countries is essential to identify best practices, address common challenges, and share knowledge and experiences in the organic sector.
  • The Organic Ecosystem project has facilitated the exchange of ideas and processes between public and private sector actors and has helped to create business alliances at different levels.
  • The project has also supported the development of innovative solutions and technologies for the organic sector and has helped to promote the commercialization of organic products.

Specific Examples:

  • The Apulia Region has implemented a digital platform for the submission of organic farming documentation, which has streamlined the certification process and made it easier for farmers to comply with regulations.
  • The project has supported the development of new products and markets for carob, a traditional Mediterranean crop.
  • The project has helped to raise awareness of the benefits of organic farming among consumers and policymakers.

Overall, the Organic Ecosystem project has made a significant contribution to the development of the organic sector in the Mediterranean region. By fostering cooperation, innovation, and market development, the project has helped to create a more sustainable and competitive organic sector.