ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM: the importance Mediterranean cooperation and programs like ENI CBC MED

This video brings together key players in the ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM project, an initiative fostering sustainable farming across the Mediterranean. Join experts from Jordan, Lebanon, Italy, and Greece as they share their insights and experiences.

Ever wondered about the biggest lessons learned from this project? Or the crucial role of cooperation in boosting organic agriculture across the region? This video tackles these questions and more, offering valuable perspectives from different stakeholders:

  • Government officials: Hear from Ministry of Agriculture representatives like Mahmoud Rabai, Tamam Al-Khawalda, Pauline Eid and Maria Ciaula on challenges and opportunities for organic growth.
  • Business leaders: Zuhair Jweihan (JEPA), Hassan Alwer (Alwer Farms), Rudolph Elias (Agreen Organics), Lara Macron (Visions) and Dimitris Therianos (Therianos Family Farms) share their experiences and the impact of the project on their companies.
  • Project experts: Diana Truyol (ASCAME), Mara Semeraro (CIHEAM Bari) and Katerina Sotiropoulou (INNOPOLIS), shed light on the project's goals and achievements.

Did you know? The organic market in the Mediterranean is already worth €2.3 billion, with Italy, Spain, and France leading the way. Yet, challenges like fragmented value chains and limited market access persist. This video explores how projects like ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM are paving the way for a more sustainable and competitive future for organic agriculture in the region.

Get ready to be inspired, informed, and motivated! Watch the video to learn:

  • Key learnings from the ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM project
  • The importance of cross-border cooperation in the organic sector
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the Mediterranean region in scaling organic agriculture
  • The impact of such projects on businesses and the environment
  • The overall feeling of stakeholders after the project's completion

Don't miss this chance to gain valuable insights into the exciting world of organic agriculture in the Mediterranean!