TEX-MED ALLIANCES : développer l'internationalisation, l'innovation et l'économie circulaire dans l'industrie du textile et de l'habillement


The objective of TEX-MED ALLIANCES’s call for sub-grants is to select MSMEs and Business Representative Organisations (BROs) for the implementation of Cross Border Cooperation Initiatives (so called “Framework Initiatives” and “Specific Initiatives”), aiming at aggregating enterprises and other economic organizations on three strategic areas: 
•    Internationalisation 
•    Innovation 
•    Circular Economy

It will provide them with financial support to cover specific categories of eligible costs directly linked to outputs, or activities or deliverables related to the Initiatives, such as: mission costs for the participation to meetings, visits, seminars, trainings, events, or costs related to product innovation/development and protection of intellectual property  (i.e: pre-production costs, tests/certifications, consumables, digitalization, patents and trade-marks, etc).

Bénéficiaires potentiels

Micro, Small and Medium enterprises (including start-ups) and Business Representative Organizations (including also business support bodies such as Research centres, Innovation poles, etc.).

Budget total disponible


Nombre de subventions en cascade et ventilation par pays

Indicative n. of sub-grants awarded: 30.
•    maximum amount: EUR 10.000

All eligible regions of the countries involved in the TEX-MED ALLIANCES project, i.e. Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine.

Activités à mettre en œuvre avec les subventions en cascade

Actions covered by sub-grants application are:

Fashion Restart 
-    Create producers/retailers’ fashion local/regional Brands 
-    Set up a network of hubs for Fashion Trends services 
-    Developing Technical Textiles for Islamic wear 
-    Developing Modest Fashion collections - New Memo

Health Emergencies 
-    Identify new Textile Preventive Materials for sanitary emergencies 
-    Structuring a framework for the production, testing and labelling of community cloth face coverings 
-    Wearable technologies for health distant monitoring with the context of pandemic disease 
-    Creating a Mediterranean Clusters of qualified SMEs of the T/C sector for Quick Response to Health Emergencies  

Dyeing Small Batches 
-    No Specific Initiatives

Circular Economy in the T/C Business 
-    Develop waste to Sub-products portfolio 
-    Re-use of Leftovers 
-    Create Patchwork collections 
-    Re-use of Second-hand machines

Critères de sélection et procédure d'attribution

The call will be launched by TEXFOR (Beneficiary) with diffusion and promotion by each partner locally, to select MSMEs/BROs participating. 

Collected proposals will be forwarded to the Project’s Initiative Committee (composed of representatives of the Project Lead Beneficiary and of the Project Partners leading WP4 – WP5 -WP6 for evaluation and selection against defined criteria: 
-    consistency of the Applicant’s specialization with the Initiatives; 
-    commitment and contribution to the implementation of the activities; 
-    Opportunities/advantages for the Applicant; 
-    capacity to assure the actions’ sustainability. 

Selected proposals will be invited to sign a sub-grant contract between the selected SMEs/BROS and the concerned WP Leader. All the selected applicants for the same Initiative will sign jointly a Memorandum of Understanding, as a preliminary step to a Euro-Mediterranean Alliances.


Appel à candidatures ouvert - postulez jusqu'au 07.12.2020. Plus d'infos ici: https://bit.ly/2GK7Ywq


Susanna Leonelli, Project Coordinator - TEXFOR

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