Meet Rand Agha, programmer, game designer and winner of MED GAIMS hackthon in Jordan


I’m Rand Agha the game developer of the Gadara Spinner game. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems with honor, and currently in my last year of getting an MSc degree in Data Science from Jordan University of Science and Technology. Besides IT, I’m interested in the fields of User Experience Design, Business Management, and Business Process Management.

I have always been curious about ancient cultures and their ways of living. I still remember the first time I visited Umm Qais and how amazed I was by learning all the info about its history. Since Gadara Spinner has an educational component, I felt desired to create a fascinating story-telling tool. The Garada Spinner Game is that tool and amazingly its development have revealed personal skills I didn’t think I have.

The MED GAIMS grant helped me in making the Gadara Spinner Idea come true. Although I heard a lot about EU Funding, but never thought I would win one. I realize now that if you work hard the funding will find you.

As a programmer, my future plan is to upgrade the Gadara Spinner game to a digital version that implements Internet-of-Things which would enable the tourists to experience the life style of the people of ancient Gadara. For this target, I will be joining forces with my partner Sondos AlRqibat and launch a startup company that you will be hearing about in the future.