Tunisia: STAND Up! launches a call for experts for the development of an Intellectual Property Rights report


Le Centre Technique du Textile (CETTEX), the Tunisian partner of STAND Up !, is looking for an expert for the development of an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) report. In this sense, CETTEX has opened a call for applications for the development of a report that should focus on the textile and clothing sector and on circular economy related innovations.

The Intellectual Property Rights report is launched under the “Better integration of the IPR system in the innovation ecosystem: public policies and market approach for Egypt, Tunisia and Lebanon” activity. The implementation of the report should be done during the next 4 months after the contract signature. You can find further information in the following Official Call.

For further information please contact: Manel Ben Saîda or Rim Zouaidi to the following addresses: manel.bensaida@cettex.com.t , rim.zouaidi@cettex.com.tn, cettex@cettex.com.tn. The deadline for applications is 27th of August 2021 at 1:00 p.m.

Candidates should submit their applications in an envelope (N°1/2021) at the following address: 

Center Technique du Textile (CETTEX)

Rue des industries Z.I. Bir El Kassâa

B.P. 279 – 2013 

Ben Arous Tunisia