Enhancing communication with stakeholders: Jordanian partner launches MEDISS brochures in Arabic

Nizar Aqqawi, Aqaba Water Company

As described in the post First results from the awareness activities on sustainable water management, the MEDISS Facilitators Team is carrying out an important work to implement the work package 5 "Awareness and Networking”, starting from the analysis and mapping of stakeholders.

The Facilitators Team and the Communication Staff are preparing all the necessary communication tools, while waiting to start the meetings and interviews phase still postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In order to foster communication with local stakeholders, the Jordanian partner, Aqaba Water Company, has prepared two brochures in Arabic to present MEDISS and the pilot project being implemented in Jordan:

MEDISS in Jordan

In the Wadi Al Arab (Governorate of Aqaba), an innovative approach never tested before in the Middle East is applied to water desalination plant of brackish groundwater, extending membrane’s lifetime with innovative treatments and using photovoltaic panels for energy supply. Water is then used both for irrigation (1,4 ha) and domestic use by local inhabitants.