CLUSTER releases Policy Report on youth and women employment in sustainable agriculture across the Mediterranean


CLUSTER project has unveiled a comprehensive policy report on the landscape of sustainable agriculture in the Mediterranean. The report delves into the complexities of behaviours, regulations, and initiatives, encompassing environmental, socioeconomic, political, cultural, and demographic dimensions.

Bearing in mind the inclusivity challenges when it comes to youth, and the regional disparities between the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean, the report outlines various policies employed across dimensions:

  1. Seasonal Work Campaigns: Addressing labour shortages through seasonal migration, with concerns about migrant worker treatment.
  2. Incentive and Subsidy Measures: Focusing on creating favourable conditions for youth in agriculture, including subsidies, tax deductions, mentorship programs, and support for sustainable projects.
  3. Climate Adaptation and Sustainable Practices: Encouraging sustainable practices through Common Agricultural Policy programs and regional development funds.
  4. Land Access Programs: Tackling challenges related to limited access to finance and land through improved credit access and land tenure security.
  5. Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE): Promoting cooperatives and social enterprises with the support of initiatives like the European social economy plan.
  6. Rural Development Programs: Holistic approaches to improving access to services and socio-cultural relations in rural areas.

The study underscores the need for social inclusion, improved access to land and finance, and alignment of existing policies at the regional level. To advance these recommendations, the study proposes an action plan aimed at promoting inclusive economic development and social cohesion. Moreover, the report suggests integrating policies and initiatives across multiple dimensions to create a more inclusive and resilient agricultural sector in the Mediterranean.

Read the full report here.