GreenBuilding in Tunisia is looking for an expert auditor in building energy efficiency


BorjCedria Technopark Management Company (Tunisia), project partner of the GreenBuilding, launches a tender for the selection of an expert auditor for the evaluation of the action plan implemented in the Mohamed Kassab Institute of Orthopedics energy refurbishment!

The main actions of the external auditor mission are the collection of data and energy/electricity bills of the building of Mohamed Kassab Institute of Orthopedics, the analysis of the initial state (before the implementation of energy refurbishment actions), the current state of the building, the analysis of the adjustments to be adopted for each project according to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) measurement protocol, the calculation of energy gains and the development of a summary sheet. 

For more details, click here (Information available in French)!
Deadline for submissions: 26/09/2023!

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